Bonjour! My name is Taylor and I am a sophomore majoring in Radio-TV-Film and minoring in French!

I absolutely love attending UW Oshkosh because there are so many opportunities to get involved! This year I’m heavily involved as a Titan Gold Corps member for the University’s Admissions Office where I get to give tours of our lovely campus! I am also the news director for our campus television station, Titan TV. I am in charge of our live news show that airs every Friday at 4pm on channel 57. Tune in sometime! 

In addition to my work, I’m also always trying to improve my studies by going to the math lab to get extra help or by going to the library to have a quiet place to read my french book!

When I do have free time, you can usually find me sitting in Mi Taza enjoying a caramel macchiato and chatting with friends or working off some stress at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center. You might also find me in the Coach outlet store in Oshkosh trying to decide if I really need a new purse or not…. I’m also a huge soccer fan and just recently became a baseball fan this summer! I love going out to all of the Titan sporting events and cheering on my fellow Titans! 

Don’t hesitate to contact me through my UWO Facebook page, Taylor at UWO, with questions or comments about anything! Since I hope to be a news anchor one day, I enjoy interacting with people! So the more questions, the merrier! 

  • Radio-TV-Film major
  • French minor/major
  • Titan TV college television station
  • WRST college radio station
  • Time management
  • Residence life