Hello everybody! My name is Nayla and I am a sophomore at UW Oshkosh. I am originally from São Paulo, Brazil. I speak Portuguese, English and Spanish. I decided to enroll at UW Oshkosh when I was a Junior in High School. I was very excited because I had never been to the United States before. I am a Radio-TV-Film and Theatre Major, so I thought the United States would be the perfect place to study these fields!

Why Wisconsin? I wanted to experience the four seasons. I had never seen snow in my life and fall in Brazil is not as beautiful as it is here in Wisconsin. When I got to Oshkosh I did not know anyone! But with time I made really nice friends. Everybody is so kind here!

When I am not studying, working or reading, I enjoy playing soccer and riding my longboard through the streets of Oshkosh. I also love traveling! I have been to Spain, England, Argentina, Paraguay and almost all the states in Brazil! It is such a joy to see how many cultures there are outside your own country. When I have free time I love to play the piano. I really want to learn how to play the violin as well but it seems intimidating. Hopefully someday I will learn.

It has been such a good experience to study abroad at UW Oshkosh. I love it!

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