Yo! My name is Mike and I’m proud to say that I’ve found my intersection here at UWO. I am a firm believer that UW Oshkosh is where excellence and opportunity meet. For me it’s music and media. For you, it can be anything. That’s the great thing that I’ve learned about UWO. You really do have the opportunity to make whatever you want out of your stay here, and once you embrace that the sky is the limit. 

Embracing opportunity with what you have and where and when you have it is what I found to be the key to success. At first, my decision to stay in my hometown for school and become a commuter student was to make college more affordable. What it soon became was in fact the best decision I had ever made in my life. Ever since that decision, my college career has been a never-ending journey of embracing opportunity and experiencing the successes that come from accepting the challenge. From being the first student to write an original music score for a Titan TV show, to bringing the UWO Jazz Ensemble on air for their first live performance on the school TV station, to now being the founder of the very first profitable student org in school history with my friends and our UWO DJ Club, the unforgettable experiences and opportunities never cease.

So, coming from someone who made it to the other side and found his intersection, I challenge you to do the same and use UWO as your vehicle to get there. So, let’s get to it and GO!

  • Student Leadership & Involvement
  • Student employment opportunities
  • The Music program
  • Titan TV and 90.3 WRST
  • UWO Greek Life
  • The Honors Department
  • Commuting and the Oshkosh area
  • School technology