Hey everybody! I am originally from Anoka, Minnesota, which is in the northwest metro of the Twin Cities. In high school I discovered a love for photography and videography, and I developed those skills through numerous classes, clubs, jobs and long hours in front of my computer.

I came to UWO because I wanted to pursue a Radio-TV-Film major. Since I have been fascinated with photography, videography and sports media for a long time, it only felt natural to pursue that as a career. And, let’s be honest, being on TV is a pretty cool assignment! Someday I hope to be running cameras at college and pro sporting events.

At UWO, I’m always staying busy on campus. I love spending my time playing music with friends, going for runs downtown and along the river and representing my beloved Minnesota Vikings on game day! I am involved in Titan TV, the Advance-Titan newspaper and Cru. I am a firm believer that no matter what your gifts or interests are there is something for you here at UWO. The clubs and organizations are one of my favorite things about life here. There’s always something fun going on at UW Oshkosh!

Feel free to ask me any questions and check out my Facebook page, Jon at UWO!

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