Hey everyone! My name is Faith and I’m a senior at UW Oshkosh (time sure flies when you’re having fun). When I made my decision I didn’t know anyone going to school here and I had only visited the campus once. But I took a leap of faith — haha I’ve always wanted to say that — and registered for the fall of 2010. I like adventures. Oshkosh is now my home!

It took me two years to settle on a major: I had taken most of my general education classes — all of which I enjoyed — but fell in love with Environmental Studies at the end of my sophomore year. I declared the program as my major and am considering Environmental Education, Law, or Advocacy after I graduate. (The pressure of the adult world is sinking in as we speak.) 

Outside of class, homework and my on-campus jobs, I always have something fun to do on my calendar. Who doesn’t enjoy activities?! There are endless ways to get involved on the UWO campus and in the Oshkosh community. Reeve Union is a good place to start! If you have any questions about how to get involved on campus, let me know.

  • Life in the residence halls (Fletcher and North Scott)
  • Not having a car on campus
  • Picking a major after two years of being undeclared
  • The Environmental Studies program
  • Time management (to squeeze in naps!)
  • Work Study and on-campus jobs
  • Volunteering at the Oshkosh Area Humane Society